• MSD IT Global Innovation Center
  • Location Five Office Building, Na valentince 504/4, 15000 Praha
  • Client MSD Merck Sharp & Dohme s.r.o.
  • Area 6000m2

The central staircase situated in the center of the office is connecting all 3 floors and is serving as the main get-together surrounded by cosy kitchen, relax zones, meeting points and hot desks.

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Project 3

The spaceplan is organized like a city following the characteristics of urbanistic concepts like central square, main axes, side areas, parks, riverside. This system results in clear orientation and understandable wayfinding.

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Project 6
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  • BELIX Sanace Office extension
  • Location Třebohostická 3363/6, 100 00 Praha
  • Client BELIX s.r.o.
  • Area 250m2
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BELIX is a specialist in sanitations of damage caused by fire and water. On a limited area we designed 2 floors roofing a protected parking space. You enter the building through a “redbox” containing the central staircase.

Project 4

Corresponding to fire and water one floor was designed in colder blue tones as the other floor was conceived in warmer red tones. The facade including the entrance “redbox” is featuring red and black as to highlight the corporate colours. All meeting rooms are fully equipped with floorboxes containing all required audio-visual equipment.

Project 5
Project 6 Project 7
  • Location FLORENTINUM, NA FLORENCI 2116/15, 110 00 PRAHA
  • Client RSJ s.r.o
  • Area 2000m2
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