• Česká spořitelna
  • Location: Antala Staška 1292/32 Technické centrum ČS, a.s, 140 00 Praha
  • Area: 2000m2

For Česká spořitelna we came up with a new concept of meeting room that we call the ‘Agility booth’.

Not every conference is a stuffy, round-table discussion, so we provided a space that allows for something less formal, a space that is conducive to conversation, that connects people from several teams. While set up in the middle of the main corridor it still allows people to go through.

Because speed to market is crucial, meeting areas are designed for rapid interaction, enabling the product/project teams to innovate without losing momentum.

It is mounted within a few hours and operations are not interrupted by construction works.
This meeting point is the first meeting room with zero impact on building construction. The open configuration allows the usage of building ventilation and existing standard lighting. Its modular concept allows to vary in size and have on demand add-ons like writable walls, acoustic curtains, monitors or charging stations.