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The architectural solution of the pavilion is inspired by the Japanese himitsu bako puzzle box, puzzles that reveal the secrets hidden inside only to those who understand the correct sequence of steps needed to unlock them.

The simple shape of the building intentionally contrasts with the content and should make visitors curious and want to enter.

Our concept is based on the harmonization of technology and tradition. We want to offer visitors the opportunity to discover their inner child through play and curiosity. Just as the visitor reacts to the expositions, the expositions react to the visitors. The building thus becomes a living organism.

The shape of the building is based on the traditional shape of a cabin, which we are transferring to the 21st century. For us, the cottage has become a basic symbol for the Czech pavilion. Its simple shape is highlighted by a perforated facade. The selected facade pattern was inspired by the Czech flag. The pattern is variable on the facade, its size and density change and thus reacts to the internal events of the pavilion. This playful facade brings variable light scenes into the interior, which change throughout the day. The facade wakes us up at night. This time, the play of light works in reverse, when artificial light in the interior illuminates the entire facade. We thus seamlessly connect the interior and exterior. The foyer of the pavilion is conceived simply so that the facade stands out.