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Office design & project management

Are you planning a new office or the reconstruction of an existing one? In this far-reaching service you will find the perfect ratio between quality design, functionality and management through the whole process; from concept design through tenders of suppliers and on-site supervision, to the final handover of your office. YUAR architects solve not only the design, but also your investment costs and your time from start to completion. Thanks to this, you maintain an overview of the entire process at all time. Based on our own data of completed projects, we launched the application, where you have the unique opportunity to plan your projects in just a few quick and easy steps.

The service includes pre-project consultancy, workplace analysis, testfit, spaceplanning, interior design study, project documentation for all authorities, engineering, tender documentation for construction/furniture/IT-AV, on-site supervision and handover after clearance of all possible defects. All services listed above are delivered by YUAR architects. Services can also be ordered separately.

We delivered the complete office design & project management services for ProductboardUnipetrol, Parker Hannifin, Porsche Czech RepublicRenault Czech RepublicDuke Manufacturing and P3 logistic parks.

Office building interior design & technology consulting

A unique service offered mainly to developpers planning new office buildings or reconstructions/alterations of existing buildings.
We have been entrusted with projects in more than 40 office buildings, giving us the opportunity to thoroughly filter their strengths and weaknesses. At the same time, we gather 20 years of experience in meeting the needs of end customers while observing changes and development through the years. Whith more than 500 projects in over 40 office buildings, we are ready to share unique and valuable information for your future projects.  

The service includes consultancy and design of common space solutions, design of a floor standard according to current trends, design solutions for selected technologies and workplace consultancy for future tenants.

Corporate design

As designated architects for corporate design, we not only provide the services of following corporate standards, but we also actively create them. It is a process of long-term active cooperation in designing and subsequently verifying the outcome in practice, where emphasis is placed on the client’s corporate culture and its values. The service reaches from interior to exterior or whole corporate concept.

This service is actively used by Penny Market for a huge network of stores, by Česká Spořitelna for their new coffee place concept George Café and by Porsche Czech Republic for their showrooms VW, Audi, Seat and VW Fleet.

Product Design

Every now and then our imagination for the best suitable piece of furniture exceeds the availability on the market. Hence we came up with our own line of products specially developped for office purposes. Since our range of elements is constantly growing, we are very happy to partner with SilentLab who share our vision about office solutions.

Some of our products are in use in the projects MSD fiveWMC, Wrike, Productboard.

Ddivider for Generali Česká pojišťovna


Private houses and interiors is where YUAR architects started and we are very happy to return to this practice from time to time. After all, housing is where architecture has its roots. For us, it’s about understanding the basic human needs, a shift in scale, function and space. Our work is based on understanding, awarness of the surrounding world and constant practice of our skills.

The service includes a complete architectural and design service.


Architecture and urbanism are the nature of both creative and artistic disciplines.

In order not to loose focus of what really matters in our main practice, i.e. offices and corporate design, we occasionally operate in different fields, such as education, healthcare, industry or urban planning. Finally, the topic of interpersonal communication intersects in all of them.