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location: MAIN POINT PANKRÁC – MILEVSKÁ 2095/5, 140 00 PRAGUE 4
area: 4 500 m²

We, at YUAR, are focussed more on creating innovative spaceplans than generating nice pictures, but we believe the outcome speaks for itself. The unique and high-quality design promotes collaboration and efficient task-based working while encouraging encounter and interaction among staff throughout the organisation.

The widely openplan office features a system of a “split corridor”. One being the main public area and one being the private corridor for the departments. One of the biggest challenges was to work with the dynamic and organic shape of the building, to find the same design language as the building yet creating a unique identity for the client. A major step in enhancing the communication between all employees was to connect the 2 floors by the means of a central staircase. This bespoken staircase is located in the epicentre and main meeting zone of both floors thus intensifying communication between people.