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When we started the design for MAKE offices, the company was undergoing a major rebranding from former Integromat to “MAKE”. This was calling for a strong brand identification that would reflect in the design but also strengthen the affiliation of the employees of this rapidly growing company.

The major topic in a post-epidemic era is the role of the office as a place for social gathering and the need for interaction between people. The key to achieve a place that responds to modern needs of work is to focus rather on non-standard working areas than on what would come to our mind as a primary requirement.

We orchestrated the office around one large central meeting zone. This place of social interaction serves as a multifunctional square, where friendships are made, where you find multiple set-ups for informal working, where guests are welcome and events invite to get insights of the company’s work.

What stands out at first glance is the lively mix of colors used on the main square, while the working areas are kept in a classic black and white, highlighted by punctual interventions of the corporate colors. These colors were thoroughly selected with the brand identity team from MAKE and matched with a selection of natural wood and anthracite Valchromat boards.

A change of identity comes with a new name and logo. Therefore, the central element of the square are oversized domino blocks stored under a long bar table following the fractured line of the façade. The particularity of the domino blocks is that they act as barstools, seating poufs, or playing cubes for the young-at-heart. These domino blocks represent the logo and symbolize the chain reaction MAKE thrives to ignite with their work. The façade itself is taken by more seating options, generously overhung with planters and greenery.

The working areas are organized to emphasize teamwork. The team areas are separated from the corridor by writeable spacedividers. These not only give teams the possibility to keep their work visible at all time during operations but also to showcase what they’re working on for passers-by.

A large number of lockers, strategically placed at main cross points through the office make the office future-ready, easily enabling clean desk policy and a more sustainable usage of their working desks capacities.